Germany:Kölner Dom/Cologne Cathedral, Köln (UNESCO 1996 World Cultural Heritage Site)— City Landmark科隆大教堂(四) The South Tower Climb 2013/06/04


Koln (2013) 035          Koln (2013) 081               The platform of Cologne Cathedral’s South Tower offers an impressive view from a height of 97.25 m. In order to enjoy the impressive view across the city and the Rhine from this spot you must first climb the 533 steps.

Koln (2013) 036          Koln (2013) 050                                      常年的攀登,石階都被踏出歲月的凹痕了!

Koln (2013) 041-2Cathedral Bells—During the long climb visitors will pass the iron belfry built in 1876. Eight of the eleven bells of Cologne Cathedral can be seen here.

Koln (2013) 041-1Eight of the eleven bells of Cologne Cathedral can be seen here. The three remaining bells have been hanging in the considerably smaller belfry of the crossing tower since 1982.

St. Peter’s Bell/Petersglocke—the world’s largest free-swinging bell (24000 kg)

Koln (2013) 042It is here in the South Tower Belfry that the transition from the quadrangular ground plan of the lower floors to the free polygon of the topmost floor takes place. While the base walls are still built as a square, the walls of the area around the windows form an octagon, roofed by a star vault.

Koln (2013) 079          Koln (2013) 052

The stone spiral staircase of the ascent ends at the third and last floor of the tower, at the height of 70.36 m.

Koln (2013) 053          Koln (2013) 054                                      A flight of modern iron stairs then continues upwards from the centre of this octagonal tower chamber.

With each successive step, the uninterrupted views through its eight unglazed windows of the architecture of the cathedral, to the city beyond and the surrounding landscape continually change.

Koln (2013) 057

Koln (2013) 059

Koln (2013) 055          Koln (2013) 072                   Colonius is the Cologne telecommunications tower, which was finished in 1981, located to the north west of the city centre. At the time of its completion the Colonius was 252.9 m. high. In 2004 a radio tower added by helicopter increased the height to 266 m.

Koln (2013) 074From here also, larger than life-size limestone figures of angels, created by Cologne sculptor Peter Fuchs between 1873 and 1876, can be seen beneath the baldachins of free-standing pinnacles.                                                                                                                       p.s. Those on the south tower hold the instruments of the passion of Christ, and those on the north tower hold a variety of musical instruments.

Koln (2013) 064                                                                                      A small iron spiral staircase rises through a circular opening the central boss of the third-floor star vault into the interior the mighty spire.

Koln (2013) 067                                                                                      Inside a spire showing the openwork construction. Its internal height of about 50 m. is equal to the combined height of two tower chambers below.

Passing the pavilion built in 1991 for the tower ascent supervisory staff and through a door in the north-eastern bass wall, the visitor finally reaches the exterior viewing platform of the spire.

Koln (2013) 076          Koln (2013) 077

Koln (2013) 070          Koln (2013) 073

Koln (2013) 069-1

It’s so worthy to climb and see such incredible views.

Koln (2013) 068

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