Chicago: The Doughnut Vault 2011/09/27

On Tuesday April 5th, 2011, the Doughnut Vault opened in River North on 401 1/2 N. Franklin Street. How can you not love a place with a “1/2” in its address? It’s like the Hogwarts Doughnut Shop! The Doughnut Vault was opened by Brendan Sodikoff who also owns Gilt Bar and Maude’s Liquor Bar with bakers François and Henri. This little shop tucked in a tiny nook of the same building that houses Gilt Bar.

If you want proof that the cupcake craze in Chicago is over, head to The Doughnut Vault, where is the “it” pastry of Chicago’s most chic and trendy residents; the latest food craze to hit Chicago. This mouthwatering pastry shop is only open in the mornings Tuesdays through Saturdays, only makes hundreds (Currently, 750 are made each day, 900 on the weekend.), and only sells out within a couple of hours. To make it even worse, there’s no exactly set time the place opens (You have to check their Twitter or just go out there and get in line early.), and you are limited to purchasing only six doughnuts which go for a pricey $2 to $3 apiece. Once the doughnuts are gone, the pretty blue door closes!

For reference only!

Passing The Doughnut Vault’s threshold, it was exciting to find an absolutely charming room. It was like something out of a fairy tale: lit with soft lighting by beautiful small crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling of the hallway-sized shop, decorated with 19th-century-inspired tiled walls, checkered floor, mirrors, and an antique gilded cash register.

The Doughnut Vault serves as follows: Buttermilk Old Fashioned ($2); Gingerbread Stacked ($3); and three types of Glazed: Chestnut, Vanilla and Chocolate ($3). Drip coffee from Metropolis costs $1 a cup. And cash only! I chose a chocolate glazed and a cup of coffee.

Look at the size of this doughnut! The chocolate glazed is a yeast doughnut, so it’s tall, light and airy. But what makes it special is the icing. It is actually twice glazed, once with a vanilla/sugar layer and then chocolate on the top of that and some chocolate sprinkles mixed in as well. The result is heavenly. The inside of the doughnut is soft and fluffy and the outside has just enough crispness from the fry and the glaze. It’s hefty to the touch, but light as air. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. I walked back to the counter and asked:

“Do you think I can keep the doughnuts till tomorrow?"

“Well, it won’t taste as good as you just had, but it still will be the best in town!"

“In that case, I would like a box of doughnuts." “What flavors do you have?"

“We still have all the five flavors."

The rack is full of fresh doughnuts, lucky me!

p.s. You should check on their active Tumbler site to see how people smiled when they had their doughnuts in hands! I cannot say anything negative about these hand-made, giant, piping-hot, and drool-inducing doughnuts. The people at the Doughnut Vault know what they are doing. It is definitely worth a visit.

附記:2014/06/18 再次造訪 Doughnut Vault,這回陽光普照,坐在店外,doughnut吃起來更有「味道」了!

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