Chicago: Hop Häus Franklin 2011/09/24

Developed by the group behind Leona’s, Hop Häus (pronounced Op Ouse ) has two locations currently, on Franklin in the River North neighborhood and on Clark in Rogers Park.

Inside the room is ringed by flat screen televisions that play sports and music videos as well as whatever big games are currently on. The vibe is energetic and fun, with cool lighting fixtures, lots of dart wood paneling and red walls.

A large mural wall depicting Chicago sports legends through the ages. On the walls hang hilarious photos of sports celebrities in their less-than-flattering moments made for great conversation.

The real point of a visit to the Hop Häus is the burgers. Not just any burgers though; the menu offers multiple choices ranging from a good old beef burger with Cheddar cheese to exotic patty choices like ostrich, lamb, wild boar, buffalo, duck, elk, and kangaroo, etc. These burgers are a pretzel-type bun with a garden’s worth of veggie toppings and hefty portions of the various cheese and meat toppings.

Our choice: Wilds Sliders — Crafted gourmet mini-burgers, cooked medium.

It was outstanding…great quality meat with all the juices still in there. Besides, they are so careful to craft each burger; with different meat patty they design the different toppings and suitable dressing. Together make such a great burger!

p.s. Ostrich: Lettuce, tomato, onions, Havarti, Jamaican jerk sauce (the best)

Lamb: Cucumber salad, feta cheese and feta dressing

Wild Boar: Lettuce, tomato, bacon, smoked Gouda, ranch dressing

Besides being a burger-lover’s heaven, the Hop Häus stocks its bar with nearly 50 different beers, at least 15 of which you’ve probably never heard of before. The menu even conveniently lists a recommended beer pairing with every burger on the menu.

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