Chicago: Billy Goat Tavern Original 2011/09/17

The World Famous Billy Goat Tavern, a Chicago legend since 1934.

The original Billy Goat Tavern location was “born" in 1934 at 1855 W. Madison Ave.when Greek immigrant, William “Billy Goat" Sianis, purchased the Lincoln Tavern. In 1964, Billy Goat moved his tavern to its present subterranean location. (430 N. Michigan Ave at Lower Level) 別小看 Lower Level 二字,那可是進 Billy Goat Tavern 的第一個挑戰!

Step into the Billy Goat by pulling open the heavy, red metal door with a picture of a Billy goat painted upon it.

Inside, you’ll find a set of steps leading down into wood paneled den that essentially has not changed since it opened.

“Enter at your own risk," followed immediately by a Greek short order cook yelling, “Cheezborger! Cheezborger! You want doublecheez?!? Who’s next!?! WHO’S NEXT!?!" If you take more than one second to answer: “Don’t look at the menu, look at ME! I order for you – DOUBLECHEEZ!" If you only feel like a single: “No. DOUBLECHEEZ!!!" If it’s the end of the week: “It’s Friday, doublecheez for everybody! It’s payday! Triplecheez for the big guy!" Want French fries with that? “No fries – CHEEPS!" Thirsty? “No Pepsi – COKE!" 如何在一陣吆喝中仍能「堅持」點到想吃的餐點,算你厲害 ─ 通過 Billy Goat Tavern 的第二個挑戰!

When it’s served to you, take the piece of wax paper holding your burger over to the condiment counter and load up with the pickles, ketchup, mustard, onions, etc.

這是我拿到手的食物 ─ double cheese burger & Coke,完全不是心裡想要的 ─ cheese burger & water,硬是敗給小希臘人!

Look! Who is in the house?

Back in the tavern, there is a section called the “Wall of Fame" or “VIP Room at Billy Goat Tavern". This area features photographs of local celebrities and yellowed articles written by famous Chicago newspaper columnists from the nearby Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times. One of the largest “displays" is dedicated to the legendary Pulitzer Prize-winning Tribune columnist, Mike Royko who spent as much time at the Billy Goat Tavern as behind a typewriter. He treated the Billy Goat Tavern as his home. The Billy Goat Tavern is still frequented by many of Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times writers of today and is considered a media hangout.

If you have to go to the bathroom just look for the neon “Billys" sign (for the gents) or “Nannys" sign (for the ladies). 這第三個挑戰就簡單多了!

p.s. What is “The Curse of the Billy Goat"? It began when owner William “Billy Goat" Sianis purchased two tickets to the World Series Game 4 in 1945 where the Cubs played the Tigers. Sianis brought his pet goat, Murphy, to the gates hoping the goat would bring the Cubs some luck. When they wouldn’t let the goat in, saying he stunk, Sianis became mad and, allegedly, cursed the Cubs saying they would never win a World Series again. And since then…they haven’t! Many attempts have been made to lift the curse since that day.

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