Things have to be done before exploring 2011/09/13

每次有機會回美國,不論在那一個城市、停留多久,有些 routines 一定得先做,才能 “settle down” ,安心的在當地居遊。

Breakfast Treats:

International House of Pancakes (

The first IHOP opened in 1958 in Tolcuca Lake, California and I had my first visited in 1987 Madison, Wisconsin. 不是什麼了不起的店,但是老媽媽樣的服務生、quick two eggs 和厚重的馬克杯,卻一次次溫暖我的心。

Panera Bread (

The Panera Bread® legacy began in 1981 as Au Bon Pain Co., Inc. In 1993, Au Bon Pain Co., Inc. purchased Saint Louis Bread Company®, a chain of 20 bakery-cafes located in the St. Louis area. The company then managed a comprehensive re-staging of Saint Louis Bread Co. Ultimately the concept’s name was changed to Panera Bread.

Panera Bread is a great place for breakfast and lunch. Found it very late in 2006 Raleigh, North Carolina. After Starbucks, Panera Bread is the one I would like to franchise back to Taiwan.

Donkin’ Donuts (

每次只要有先生同行,他總會在某個時差早起的清晨,捧著一盒 donuts 和熱咖啡回住處給我,這是屬於他的浪漫!

Stores to Browse:

Barnes & Noble (

看看最新出版的書報雜誌和當地資訊,catch up with the local!

Nordstrom (

Founded in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle, today Nordstrom operates 117 Full-Line Stores, 100 Nordstrom Racks, two Jeffrey boutiques, one treasure&bond store and one clearance store.

沒辦法,Seattle 是第一個自己的家, Nordstrom 和 Starbucks 就像鄰居。

Neiman Marcus (


Barneys New York (


Shop for Food:

Whole Foods Market (

Whole Foods Market was founded in Austin, Texas. The original Whole Foods Market opened on September 20, 1980, at 10,500 square feet and a staff of 19.

I fall in love with this market since 2001 in Berkeley, California. Totally trust the products and love, love its olives and salad bars. Believe it or not, I even use the store location to find my new apartment in the city I have never been before.

這樣的 layout ,會有人不愛嗎?

Peet’s Coffee & Tea (

1966 Alfred Peetopened his first coffee store on the corner of Walnut and Vine Streets in Berkeley, California. I had my very first cup of Peet’s coffee in 2003 Cambridge, Massachusetts. After that, every US trip won’t be complete without bring a pound of Major Dickason’s Blend home.

Something to Eat:

McDonalds (

絕不是開玩笑,沒吃到 chicken nuggets with hot mustard,先生是不會罷休的。

California Pizza Kitchen (

California Pizza Kitchen opened its first restaurant In Beverly Hills in 1985.就算被我騙,你一定得試試 Kung Pao Spaghetti。真的沒有一家會失敗,花生尤其好吃。每次都覺得不好意思,可是誰也不想跟人分享的結果就是:3 Kung Pao Spaghetti, please!

Red Lobster (

Company founder Bill Darden and his team opened the first Red Lobster in Lakeland, Florida, in 1968.

Actually, it’s the biscuit brings me back and back and back.

Watch TV:

不能錯過 HGTV: divine design with Candice Olson。



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